Elmira Hadzhykhanova

Elmira Hadzhykhanova is the Director of Business development for Your Local Clinic.

Since coming on board with us, Elmira has already secured 5 key locations for our clinics.  She has secured locations in Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, Mtwara, and Iringa with an additional 25 locations in Tanzania expected by 2025.  She has been instrumental in seeking out areas of need and working hard to ensure our polyclinics and pharmacies reach the most underserved regions in Tanzania.

Elmira also contributes her time and expertise to our sister companies, Serge Imports and Honest Marijuana. For Serge Imports, she plans, coordinates and oversees all of the Exclusiv Vodka cargo shipments from Serge Imports that are shipped to the United States from Moldova. 

Elmira  Hadzhykhanova coordinates the routes of all containers as they make their way to 22 different states across the USA.